Strow participates in STHIN PROJECT an I+D founded by FEDER and CDTI

Strow participates in STHIN PROJECT

Fachadas del Norte, S.L. Participates in the STHIN project. Its main objective is the development of a new multimaterial lightened granite panel that preserves the aesthetics and low carbon footprint of natural stone, based on the development of cutting, handling and assembly machinery, and stiffening materials and specific anchoring.

The objective of FACHADAS DEL NORTE is to develop a multimaterial granite panel with low environmental impact that is anchored on facades by means of grooved systems, whose execution period is from 03/11/2019 to 03/10/2021, and its location is Cerceda.

The STHIN project also involves the companies Granitos de Atios, S.A. and Nodosafer, S.L.

This project has been financed through the call for R&D projects in national cooperation of CDTI, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with file number IDI-20190467.

The company has an approved budget of 368,317.00 € and a total support of 313,069.45 €.

Fachadas del Norte, S.L. Participates in the STHIN project
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