Strow participates in a new project I+D founded by Xunta de Galicia, Gain and Feder.


The project “LIGHT CONCRETE WITHOUT CEMENT BASED ON CELLULAR GEOPOLYMERS” (GeoCel) is supported by the Agencia Gallega de Innovación (GAIN) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), inside the OT1 “Promoting technological development, innovation and quality research”, within the framework of the operational programme FEDER Galicia 2014-2020, with an aid of 382.149,75 €.

The objective of this project is the development of new construction, without cement, and consequently with low environmental impact, through the efficient use of resources and raw materials. In particular, new binders and geopolymer concretes with cellular structure have been developed, obtained from a process of geosynthesis of calcined clays and the inclusion of waste from the Galician industrial fabric.

The results obtained during the project development (2016 –2018) have been:

  • Design of a specific manufacturing methodology for the production of geopolymer blinders without special additives with improved features in contrast with the conventional cementitious materials.
  • Study of the compatibility of aggregates from difference sources with the geopolymer to obtain an optimum mix composition of the polymeric concrete that can be used in building applications in which the conventional concrete is used.
  • Design and development of innovative cladding and thermal insulations based on geopolymers, competitive, of high-performance, long-term durability, fire resistant and economically friendly.
  • Design and development of a new non-draining pavement based on geopolymers with a low index shrinkage-expansion.
  • Design and development of a draining floor without cement based on geopolymers and focused on a sustainable building model.
  • Analysis of the life cycle and technical-economic analysis of the GeoCel solutions including the whole process of geopolymers design or geopolymer concretes, manufacturing and lifespan end, compared to the more conventional construction materials.
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