The quality of our products and professionalism of our company have allowed our systems to be installed on more than 3.000.000 m2 of façade in Spain, Europe, Africa and South-America.


We have, in our facilities, a solid industrial platform, in constant renovation, capable of offering a wide range of innovative and guaranteed products, of the highest quality, the result of our continuous technical evolution and our long experience in the market. Fachadas del Norte S.L. is distinguished by a close contact with the customer, which allows us to know the needs of the market and develop new products that provide a solution to the dynamic world today. We offer the continuous support of our technical office, with highly qualified personnel, able to solve effectively all technical difficulties. Our proximity policy with the client, regardless of its size, guarantees the continuous support and manufacture of any special piece, if necessary.


In Fachadas del Norte S.L., we have an engineering department with highly qualified personnel at your disposal. For each construction built with a STROW system, a Technical Report is made that assesses the suitability of the solution provided by our technical team, which includes compliance with the CTE. In addition to these reports, our department is always working to offer the highest certification of our products, such as Document of Adaptation to Use (DAU) and European Technical Suitability Document (DITE) for the most commercialized systems. Currently, we have two systems with this certification:
  • “Epsilon O” – DAU 10/062 D.
  • “Epsilon T” – DITE ETA-13/0628

R+D+i DEPARTMENT (Research and development)

From Fachadas del Norte, we invest and work in R+D+i for the continuous development of new products, which offer innovative solutions in the field of construction and especially ventilated facades. Currently, Fachadas del Norte participates in the project “STHIN”.
Fachadas del Norte, S.L. Participates in the STHIN project. Its main objective is the development of a new multimaterial lightened granite panel that preserves the aesthetics and low carbon footprint of natural stone, based on the development of cutting, handling and assembly machinery, and stiffening materials and specific anchoring. The objective of FACHADAS DEL NORTE is to develop a multimaterial granite panel with low environmental impact that is anchored on facades by means of grooved systems, whose execution period is from 03/11/2019 to 03/10/2021, and its location is Cerceda. The STHIN project also involves the companies Granitos de Atios, S.A. and Nodosafer, S.L. This project has been financed through the call for R&D projects in national cooperation of CDTI, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with file number IDI-20190467. The company has an approved budget of 368,317.00 € and a total support of 313,069.45 €.
This project is supported by the Agencia Gallega de Innovación (GAIN) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), inside the OT1 “Promoting technological development, innovation and quality research”, within the framework of the operational programme FEDER Galicia 2014-2020, with an aid of 382.149,75 €. The objective of this project is the development of new construction, without cement, and consequently with low environmental impact, through the efficient use of resources and row materials. In particular, new binders and geopolymer concretes with cellular structure have been developed, obtained from a process of geosynthesis of calcined clays and the inclusion of waste from the Galician industrial fabric.
The results obtained during the project development (2016 – 2018) have been:
  • Design of a specific manufacturing methodology for the production of geopolymer blinders without special additives with improved features in contrast with the conventional cementitious materials.
  • Study of the compatibility of aggregates from difference sources with the geopolymer to obtain an optimum mix composition of the polymeric concrete that can be used in building applications in which the conventional concrete is used.
  • Design and development of innovative cladding and thermal insulations based on geopolymers, competitive, of high-performance, long-term durability, fire resistant and economically friendly. Design and development of a new non-draining pavement based on geopolymers with a low index shrinkage-expansion.
  • Design and development of a draining floor without cement based on geopolymers and focused on a sustainable building model.
  • Analysis of the life cycle and technical-economic analysis of the GeoCel solutions including the whole process of geopolymers design or geopolymer concretes, manufacturing and lifespan end, compared to the more conventional construction materials.
Previously, Fachadas del Norte participated in the EDIFICIENT project, for the development of a panel of high energy efficiency and low cost for the rehabilitation of buildings. Funded by: EDIFICIENT project


From the technical department, we follow up with our clients during the construction process, advising them at all times, in matters related to the anchoring systems of ventilated facades. From the reception of the plans, our team will be responsible firstly to advise the system that best suits your needs, then proceed to budget, make breakdowns, and resolve questions of details, meetings and other problems that may appear on site.


From the moment you accept our budget, we will assist you in the sales department, helping you in everything related to your order. From the payment methods, financial data, the choice of the most appropriate type of delivery and tracking of it when it leaves our facilities. In Fachadas del Norte S.L, we have our own transport service for short and medium range, and we work with the best companies for larger shipments and distance, to ensure timely receipt of the material. No matter the place to which it is sent, inside or outside the country.


Our administrative staff is responsible for the economic management of the company, and economic relations with customers. Aware of the situation and the payment conditions of the sector, we offer a project financing service through the assurance of credit and surety, to simplify the work of our clients.


In Fachadas del Norte we have our own manufacturing workshop and with the best suppliers of raw materials and accessories for the manufacture of our products, which are always made of stainless steel, lacquered aluminum or anodized, etc. Never raw, so that the user has no long-term problems. Due to our control over manufacturing, we are able to offer unique solutions, manufacturing new parts to solve problems that appear on site, or completely solve high-demand works, without hardly increasing the cost compared to a standardized solution. In addition, we have the ISO-9001 Certification (EC-3623/08) that ensures the working methods and supervision, guaranteeing the maximum quality of the finished product that will be sent to the client, leaving us without competitors as far as quality is concerned.

Certification of our products

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ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Fachadas del Norte S.L., has the ISO-9001 Quality Certification (EC-3623/08), granted by Applus +, for the design, production, commercialization and distribution of anchoring systems for mortar and ventilated facades.

This certification ensures the working methods and supervision, guaranteeing the maximum quality of the finished product that will be sent to the client.

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DAU 10/062 D

Fachadas del Norte has the DAU 10/062 D certificate in its anchoring system for stone “Epsilon O”. This document was granted by ITec (Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia).

The DAU, Document of Adaptation to the Use, is the declaration of the favorable opinion of the benefits of a product or constructive system innovator in relation to the foreseen uses and to the constructive solutions defined, in the field of the building and of the civil work.

A DAU evaluates the suitability for the intended use of a constructive solution, based on the objective levels or limit values ​​required for the construction works and functional requirements established in each case.

logo eta

ETA 19/0052

Fachadas del Norte also has the certificate ETA 19/0052 in its anchoring system for ceramics “Epsilon T”. This document was granted by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences.

The ETA (European Technical Assessment) is the European document that includes the technical evaluation of the performance of a product or kit of a manufacturer in relation to the essential characteristics applicable for the use foreseen by the manufacturer. The ETA is prepared in accordance with the European Evaluation Document-DEE, which covers the product and intended uses.

The ETA is the document that makes it possible the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking.

A great coordinated work that leads to an excellent result

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