We are a human company, dedicated to the manufacture of anchorage systems, involved with their costumers and working to maintain a lasting relationship.

Fachadas del Norte S.L. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of anchorage systems and fixations for the installation of ventilated facades with stone and ceramic claddings. We have a solid industrial platform in our facilities, constantly renewed, capable of offering a wide range of innovative and guaranteed products, of the highest quality, resulting from our continuous technical evolution and long experience in the market. The quality of our products and professionalism of our company have allowed our systems to be installed on more than 3.000.000 square metres of façade in Spain, Europe, Africa and South-America.


Applus+ - ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Fachadas del Norte S.L., has the ISO-9001 Quality Certification (EC-3623/08), granted by Applus +, for the design, production, commercialization and distribution of anchoring systems for mortar and ventilated facades.

This certification ensures the working methods and supervision, guaranteeing the maximum quality of the finished product that will be sent to the client.

DAU 10/062 - ITeC Certificate

DAU 10/062 D

Fachadas del Norte has the DAU 10/062 D certificate in its anchoring system for stone “Epsilon O”. This document was granted by ITec (Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia).

The DAU, Document of Adaptation to the Use, is the declaration of the favorable opinion of the benefits of a product or constructive system innovator in relation to the foreseen uses and to the constructive solutions defined, in the field of the building and of the civil work.

A DAU evaluates the suitability for the intended use of a constructive solution, based on the objective levels or limit values ​​required for the construction works and functional requirements established in each case.

European Technical Assessment

ETA 19/0052

Fachadas del Norte also has the certificate ETA 19/0052 in its anchoring system for ceramics “Epsilon T”. This document was granted by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences.

The ETA (European Technical Assessment) is the European document that includes the technical evaluation of the performance of a product or kit of a manufacturer in relation to the essential characteristics applicable for the use foreseen by the manufacturer. The ETA is prepared in accordance with the European Evaluation Document-DEE, which covers the product and intended uses.

The ETA is the document that makes it possible the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking.

Quality Policy

FACHADAS DEL NORTE, S.L., in its activity of:

Design, production, commercialization and distribution of anchoring systems for claddings with mortar and ventilated facades

Is committed to implementing a management system, extensive to the entire structure of the organization, processes and developments, with the purpose of continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of performance acting within the framework of the following principles:

  1. Achieve the highest degree of satisfaction of its customers, with the products / services offered.
  2. Control all our processes effectively, in order to improve and maintain the confidence of our customers, meeting their needs and expectations.
  3. Implement a process of continuous improvement through the periodic updating of our Management System, the present policy and the performance of the management system.
  4. Establish, implement and disseminate periodically specific objectives of the system, consistent with this policy.
  5. Recognize the importance of the participation, communication, information and training of our workers, involve them, being committed and responsible for the points expressed in this policy.
  6. Identify, evaluate, prevent and reduce to the extent of our possibilities the risks in our general and environmental processes derived from our activity.
  7. Comply with the current legislation, and as far as possible exceed the requirements established therein, provided that this has a benefit for the company, its employees, and society in general.
  8. Make this Management Policy available to the interested parties.