An economical and easy to install system that has been scrupulously designed to resist all types of mechanical stresses and corrosion problems.

Epsilon O system is an aluminium fastening and substructure system for attaching natural stone cladding on ventilated façades.

The Epsilon vertical profile system is economic and easy to install. It has been scrupulously designed to resist all types of mechanical stresses and corrosion problems that can arise in construction work. As it is a profile system, it can be installed on solid, perforated or hollow supporting walls. The Epsilon system can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.


Anchorage Epslion O - vertical profile

These elements provide the system with vertical continuity and are made of AW-6060/6063 T5 aluminium alloy with a black marine coat, resistant to aggressive agents. This type of coat has the certification QUALICOAT class SEASIDE.

Thanks to their special design, they provide excellent resistance. The profile has internal grooves along its entire length used to reinforce the areas where the self-drilling screws are inserted to attach the angular load bearing anchors, angular support anchors and staples to attach the cladding.

The slab load-bearing angles are manufactured in AW-6060/6063 T5 aluminum alloy. They connect the vertical profiles with the slabs of the building, transmitting the forces generated by the cladding. The connection of the angle brackets with the vertical profiles is made with 3 self-drilling stainless steel screws and AW-6060/6063 aluminum lock washers.

The position of the angle brackets is adjustable in the horizontal axis thanks to the smooth holes they have. In this way, the system is able to absorb possible irregularities in the structural elements of the building. The load-bearing angles are manufactured with different outlets in order to adapt to the different insulation thicknesses on the market today:

Epsilon O - Angular load bearing anchors - Strow Sistemas

The support angles are made of AW-6060/6063 T5 aluminum alloy. They are attached to the vertical profiles by means of 5.5×25 self-drilling screws and AW-6060/6063 aluminum lock washers. Their special design allows adjustment on the two axes defining the horizontal plane.

Like the load-bearing angles, the support angles are manufactured with different outlets:

Epsilon O - Angular support anchors - Strow Sistemas

They are made entirely of extruded aluminium AW-6060/6063 T5 alloy anodized 15 micron in natural matt silver. The staple has a main body section with a hole and an oval or oblong hole used to attach it to the vertical profile with 2 stainless steel self-drilling screws, making it possible to vertically adjust the position of the staple. With these types of fastenings, a groove has to be made on both sides of the stone, into which the staple clips are introduced. Different staples are fabricated according to the requirements of the installation.

The horizontal profiles offer the possibility to place the cladding alternating the joints. The profiles are drilled with multi-diameter drills and are fixed to the vertical profiles with security locking washers to allow the thermal expansion on the horizontal axe. It is necessary to groove the entire length of the stones where the profile will be introduced.

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You can download a .zip file with the BIM families for Revit of all of elements that are part of the system Epsilon “O”: deadload and windload brackets, vertical profile, Sigma staples, horizontal profiles Sigma and continuation sleeves. Families have been created specifying the screws required in each type included in the family with the aim of having the exact number of elements necessary in the project. Moreover, a repository with an example of the façade components is included.

These families have been created with Revit 2018, so they must be opened with the same version or later.

Explanatory video of the Epsilon "O" anchoring system

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