Fachadas del Norte S.L. offers special systems and solutions to install all types of materials in facades.


The granite came along with Strow (Fachadas del Norte S.L.) since the beginning, because it is a predominant material in the Galician soil, where there are the best quarries of this material. In addition, it can be considered a high-quality material thanks to its robustness, strength and high density.

For this reason, Strow Systems offers a broad range of products for the installation of granite on ventilated facades in a wide variety of formats. So much so that all types of solutions are made on demand for the installation of this material in large formats, or special pieces, reaching the appropriate solutions for the most demanding designs.


The slate is other material involved from the beginning in the development of the company. The slate is very much present in the Galician territory with the main characteristic of the green colour opposed to the traditional black. Although it is a material with great features, it is difficult to grab due to its presentation in flagstones or flat sheets.

For this material, Strow Systems offers several possibilities, always with the intention of promoting the visible clips with springs for guaranteeing the maximum fixation with no risk of exfoliation or material tearing. It is a versatile material and can be installed in large formats, square, rectangular or special designs.


The versatility of our products, totally designed to offer the maximum performance, allows the installation of all types of stone materials. Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Basalt… can be installed in different formats and positions.

The Technical Department of Fachadas del Norte S.L. will advise and recommend the best system to carry out the façade design selected, as efficiently as possible.


The ceramic, due to its reduced thickness, weight, behaviour and look, is an appropriate material for ventilated facades, both on new building and rehabilitation. The world of ceramic facing has evolved greatly over the last years, achieving formats and thickness unimaginable not so long ago.

Strow Systems has evolved in parallel, offering all types of solutions for all types of ceramics; standard, extruded and reduced thickness, offering national and European certifications.

Other Materials

Nowadays, the variety of materials for ventilated facades is enormous. Wood, such as laminated and phenolic; metals, such as zinc or aluminium; concrete prefabs, such as GRC; ultra- compacts such as Dekton; synthetic materials such as Corian…

Fachadas del Norte S.L. offers special systems and solutions to install all types of materials in facades. We have collaborated with different companies developing own systems for manufacturers or studying specific works in order to find the best anchorage solution for the material, guaranteeing the look and work design.




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