Fachadas del Norte S.L.
Strow Sistemas
The leading Spanish company in the manufacture and design of anchoring systems for ventilated façades for more than 20 years.

Sistema EPSILON O / Quality Certification DAU 10/062 A / Stone and prefabricated

Sistema EPSILON U / Stone and prefabricated with short façade break-up

Sistema LEST // Stone and prefabricated for whatever façade break-up

APLOMADO II + FIX II / Adjustable Point-Supported Anchorage for Stone cladding

Sistema EPSILON T40Quality Certification DIT 577/11 y DITE ETA 13-0628 / Ceramics

Sistema EPSILON TS / Composites and thick ceramics

Sistema EPSILON T10060 / Riveted, glued and specials

Sistema EPSILON OMEGA T / Composite tray panels

Sistema ECO / Point-Supported Anchorage

Sistema CLASIC / Adjustable Point-Supported Anchorage for Stone cladding

AMORTERADOS FIX / Security clip fastenings for stone facings